Ultrasound in urology

ESU Course 36

  • Location:
    Room 11, Capital suite (level 3)
  • Chair:
     T. Loch, Flensburg (DE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Ultrasound is the basic imaging tool of the urologist and almost all urologists are using ultrasound in daily practice. Despite this, training and teaching of urological ultrasound is not provided in a satisfactory manner. The aim of the course is to provide the technical basics and standards for the use of ultrasound in urology. After the course the delegate should know the ideal settings for reliable and informative urological ultrasound as well as the normal and pathological findings.

    • Covering urological organs: kidney, ureter, bladder, testis and penis
    • Standard patient positioning
    • Bbest choice of transducers and settings
    • Standard operating procedures (SOP)
    • Normal, benign and malignant pathologic findings
    • Interventional and intraoperative ultrasound.

Technical basics and new technologies
 T. Loch, Flensburg (DE)
Standardisation, tuning, acquisition and reporting of ultrasound exams
 M. Ritter, Mannheim (DE)
Ultrasound of the kidney and ureter
 M. Ritter, Mannheim (DE)
Ultrasound of the bladder
 T. Loch, Flensburg (DE)
Ultrasound of the testis
 T. Loch, Flensburg (DE)
Ultrasound of the penis
 M. Ritter, Mannheim (DE)