Plenary Session 07

  • Location:
    eURO Auditorium (Level 0)
  • Chairs:
     T. Knoll, Sindelfingen (DE)
     A. Stenzl, Tübingen (DE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This plenary covers all aspects of urinary stone disease, from epidemiology and pathogenesis to the whole range of interventions. Well-known experts in the field will present what is state-of-the-art and discuss what is on the horizon.

  • During the plenary sessions, French and Spanish translation will be provided. Please collect your headset in the session room prior to the start of the session and return it after the session.
State-of-the-art lecture The Swiss kidney stone cohort: Unraveling the cause of renal stones
 B. Roth, Berne (CH)
State-of-the-art lecture Stones and cardiovascular disease: More than a coincidence?
 R.J. Unwin, London (GB)
Debate The patient in pain: How to approach the ureteral stone?
 T. Knoll, Sindelfingen (DE)
Emergency ESWL
 S. Picozzi, Milan (IT)
Emergency URS
 J. Galan Llopis, Alicante (ES)
 T.B. Lam, Aberdeen (GB)
 A.J. Gross, Hamburg (DE)
Confederación Americana de Urología (CAU) lecture Percutaneous nephrolithomy in high-volume centers: All lessons learnt?
 J. Gutierrez, Winston Salem (US)
Debate Small asymptomatic renal stones: Treat or observe?
 O. Traxer, Paris (FR)
 M. Monga, Cleveland (US)
 A. Miernik, Freiburg (DE)
Urological Association of Asia (UAA) lecture Complex stone cases
 M.S. Agrawal, Agra (IN)
Case discussion Complex cases made simple
 K. Sarica, Istanbul (TR)
Case presenter and challenger
 P.J.S. Osther, Fredericia (DK)
 M.R. Desai, Naidad (IN)
 G. Giusti, Milan (IT)
 S. Lahme, Pforzheim (DE)
 E. Liatsikos, Patras (GR)
 B.W. Turney, Oxford (GB)
State-of-the-art lectures Urolithiasis 2017: New technology, same old difficulties?
 G.G. Tailly, Brasschaat (BE)
Mini and micro-PNL
 U. Nagele, Hall in Tirol (AT)
Robotic URS
 J-T. Klein
 P.M. Kronenberg, Lisbon (PT)
Souvenir session By the EAU Scientific Committee
Benign prostatic disease
 P. Radziszewski, Warsaw (PL)
Prostate cancer: Early detection and screening
 C.H. Bangma, Rotterdam (NL)
Prostate cancer: Localised and advanced disease
 P. Albers, Düsseldorf (DE)
Urothelial cancer
 M. Rouprêt, Paris (FR)
Renal cancer and transplantation
 M-O. Grimm, Jena (DE)
Systemic therapy in GU cancer
 M. De Santis, Coventry (GB)
Basic science
 Z. Culig, Innsbruck (AT)
 J.O.R. Sonksen, Herlev (DK)
Paediatric urology & rare diseases
 W.F.J. Feitz, Nijmegen (NL)
Imaging in urology
 A. Villers, Lille (FR)
Functional urology
 J.P.F.A. Heesakkers, Nijmegen (NL)
Urolithiasis and endourology
 T. Knoll, Sindelfingen (DE)