Robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy

ESU Course 04

  • Location:
    Room 14, Capital suite (level 3)
  • Chair:
     P-T. Piéchaud, Bordeaux (FR)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This course about the technique of robotic assisted prostatectomy responds to several educational objectives:
    • Description step by step of the surgical procedure:
    – Patient’s position and placement of the trocars (different options)
    – Trans-peritoneal or extra-peritoneal approach
    – Treatment of the bladder neck
    – Dissection of neurovascular bundles
    – Apical approach
    – Technique of vesico-urethral anastomosis

    • Technical alternatives:
    • Description of the procedure in particular situations:
    – Preservation of the seminal vesicles
    – Situation of a voluminous prostate with median lobe: procedure after prostate surgery (TURP, adenomectomy)
    – Remedial prostatectomy
    • Surgical and immediate postoperative complications
    • Summary of functional and oncological results based on the last publications.
    This course’s objective is to allow interaction between the participants and the teachers interactively.

 P-T. Piéchaud, Bordeaux (FR)
General principles of robotic radical prostatectomy, Patient position, ports placement , ways of access
 W. Artibani, Verona (IT)
 P. Dasgupta, London (GB)
Anatomical and oncological supports of radical prostatectomy
Bladder neck preservation: Useful? Dangerous?
 P-T. Piéchaud, Bordeaux (FR)
Neurovascular bundle dissection: Anatomical reminders of the periprostatic fascia and space of dissection
 P. Dasgupta, London (GB)
Step by step operative procedure: How I do it?
 W. Artibani, Verona (IT)
 P. Dasgupta, London (GB)
 P-T. Piéchaud, Bordeaux (FR)
Lymphadenectomy: Technical principles
 W. Artibani, Verona (IT)
Technical alternatives: Posterior approach: Bocciardi technique and Lateral approach: Gaston technique
 P-T. Piéchaud, Bordeaux (FR)
Operative and postoperative complications
 P. Dasgupta, London (GB)
Oncological and functional results
 W. Artibani, Verona (IT)
 P-T. Piéchaud, Bordeaux (FR)