Revisiting management of LUTS in neurogenic and non-neurogenic patients

Meeting of the EAU Section of Female and Functional Urology (ESFFU)

  • Location:
    Room Vienna, North Hall (Level 1)
  • Chair:
     F. Cruz, Porto (PT)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    LUTS are highly prevalent in both genders above 40 years of age. In the western population more than 70% of males and females report at least one lower urinary tract symptom and half is considerably bothered by them.
    LUTS are even more common among patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunctions, in whom bladder control assumes one of the most important objectives necessary to improve quality of life. The last decade witnessed the introduction of new forms of treatment for LUTS, either in neurogenic and non-neurogenic patients, the outcomes of which need now critical revaluation.

Welcome and introduction
 F. Cruz, Porto (PT)
Management of common neuro-urological problems
 D.J.M.K. De Ridder, Leuven (BE)
 H. Madersbacher, Innsbruck (AT)
LUTS in MS patients
 E. Chartier-Kastler, Paris (FR)
LUTS in Parkinson's disease male
 K-D. Sievert, Salzburg (AT)
LUTS in CVA patients
 S. Arlandis Guzman, Valencia (ES)
LUTS in Alzheimer disease
 M. Lazzeri, Florence (IT)
Discussion of clinical cases
 D.J.M.K. De Ridder, Leuven (BE)
 H. Madersbacher, Innsbruck (AT)
State-of-the-art lecture: Spinal cord regeneration and axon re-growth. Which options tested in the bench progressed into clinical trials?
 T.M. Kessler, Zurich (CH)
ICS lecture: Underactive bladder: A clinical problem or a new research field?
 E. Kocjancic, Chicago (US)
Prize winner 5th international neuro-urology meeting
 T.M. Kessler, Zurich (CH)
Anti-Nogo-A antibodies as a potential causal treatment for neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction after spinal cord injury
 M.P. Schneider, Zürich (CH)
 F.C. Burkhard, Berne (CH)
 S. Charalampous, Limassol (CY)
What works and what does not work in the management of nocturia?
 K. Everaert, Ghent (BE)
What is new in the management of BPS/IC?
 P. Dinis Oliveira , Porto (PT)
Do alpha-blockers relief benign prostatic obstruction or are they only good for LUTS improvement?
 Y. Igawa, Tokyo (JP)
How I solve the early and late complications of Mid Urethral Slings (MUS)?
 T. Tarcan, Istanbul (TR)
What does the evidence tell us about the use of urodynamics in females with SUI?
 E. Costantini, Perugia (IT)
Urgency incontinence: Are all treatment options equally effective?
 H. Hashim, Bristol (GB)
Closure of the meeting
 F. Cruz, Porto (PT)