Rare and complex urogenital diseases and conditions

Thematic Session 14

  • Location:
    Room Berlin, North Hall (Level 1)
  • Chairs:
     M. Battye, Sheffield (GB)
     W.F.J. Feitz, Nijmegen (NL)
     M. Fisch, Hamburg (DE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Rare and complex urogenital diseases and conditions will give an update of the new European Reference Network (ERN) policy and programs. The EAU ERN structure, developments and patient participation will be discussed.

State-of-the-art lecture Implementation of European Reference Networks
 E. Terol, Brussels (BE)
State-of-the-art lecture European Reference Network for rare and complex urogenital diseases and conditions: eUROGEN
 M. Battye, Sheffield (GB)
State-of-the-art lecture Rare uro-recto-genital anomalies
 I. De Blaauw, Nijmegen (NL)
State-of-the-art lecture Functional urogenital conditions and specialised surgery
 M. Fisch, Hamburg (DE)
State-of-the-art lecture Rare urogenital tumors
 V. Sangar, Manchester (GB)
State-of-the-art lecture Placing patients at the heart of European Reference Networks
 M. Bolz-Johnson, Brussels (BE)
State-of-the-art lecture ERN-challenges and next steps from the patient representative’s perspective
 D. Aminoff, Rome (IT)