Pelvic pain and bladder pain syndrome

Poster Session 32

  • Location:
    Room Amsterdam, North Hall (Level 1)
  • Chairs:
     A. Apostolidis, Thessaloniki (GR)
     R. Dmochowski, Nashville (US)
     A. Giannantoni, Perugia (IT)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Pain has a serious impact on the quality of life of patients with bladder pain syndromes. Where do we stand?

  • Poster viewing of 20 minutes. Presentations will take place on stage. Standard presentations are 2 minutes in length, followed by 2 minutes for discussion.
Efficacy of botulinum toxin A for the treatment of interstitial cystitis to improve quality of life: A systematic review

By: Ochoa Vargas D.C.1, Garcia Perdomo H.A.2

Institutes: 1Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, Dept. of Urology, Barcelona, Spain, 2Universidad Del Valle, Dept. of Urology, Cali, Colombia

Quetiapine fumarate extended release in the treatment of bladder painful syndrome with nonurological associated conditions: An exploratory study

By: Giannantoni A., Gubbiotti M., Rossi De Vermandois J.A., Turco M., Quadrini F., Salvini E.

Institutes: University of Perugia, Dept. of Surgical and Biomedical Sciences, Urology and Andrology Section, Perugia, Italy

Increased mRNA expression of transient receptor potential channels in the urothelium of patients with interstitial cystitis: Possible biomarker

By: Mitsui T., Tsuchiya S., Sawada N., Ihara T., Kira S., Nakagomi H., Takeda M.

Institutes: University of Yamanashi, Dept. of Urology, Chuo-City, Japan

Efficacy of treatment with Hyaluril in females with urethral syndrome: A prospective analysis comparing naive patients with subjects who experienced previous ineffective treatments

By: Palleschi G., Carbone A., Leto A., Fuschi A., Salhi Y., Velotti G., Pajoncini C., Nallo S., Pastore A.L.

Institutes: Sapienza University of Rome, Dept. of Medico Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies, Urology Unit, Latina, Italy

Long term outcome following bladder neck artificial urinary sphincter implantation

By: Bugeja S., Ivaz S., Frost A., Dragova M., Andrich D.E., Mundy A.R.

Institutes: UCLH NHS Foundation Trust, University College London Hospital, London, United Kingdom

High serum concentration of estradiol may be a risk factor of prostate volume

By: Ding X., Jun Q., Yu W.

Institutes: Xinhua Hospital Affiliated To Shanghai Jiaotong University School Of Medicine, Dept. of Urology, Shanghai, China

Effects of perioperative complications on favorable outcomes after primary artificial urinary sphincter implantation: Results from a European multi-centre study

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Laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy in advanced age women: Influence of age in surgical and perioperative outcomes

By: López-Fando Lavalle L., Carracedo Calvo D., Sánchez Gallego M.D., Jiménez Cidre M.A., Gómez De Vicente J.M., Lorca Alvaro J., Burgos Revilla F.J.

Institutes: Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal, Dept. of Urology, Madrid, Spain

Spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy using conventional cystoscopy optics: Proof-of-principle

By: Miernik A.1, Wilhelm K.1, Hein S.1, Schoenthaler M.1, Lemke N.2, Kuehn M.2, Wetterauer U.1, Roth M.3, Moralejo B.4, Schmaelzlin E.4

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Evaluation of penile compression devices for physiological impact and user acceptability

By: Lemmens J.1, Broadbridge J.1, Macaulay M.2, Bader D.1, Fader M.1

Institutes: 1University of Southampton, Faculty of Health Sciences, Southampton, United Kingdom, 2University Collage London, Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, London, United Kingdom