New light on prostate cancer

Industry session by STEBA BIOTECH

  • Location:
    Room 7, Capital suite (level 3)
Welcome and introduction
Should we treat Gleason 6 prostate cancer?
 M. Wirth, Dresden (DE)
Data on phase III pivotal trials of TOOKAD® Soluble vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy versus active surveillance in men with low-risk prostate cancer
 M. Emberton, London (GB)
How will focal therapy change current treatment of localized prostate cancer
 N. Mottet, Saint-Étienne (FR)
Technical aspect of VTP Surgery
 A.R. Azzouzi, Angers (FR)
Introduction into the mechanism of action of vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy - TOOKAD® Soluble
 A. Scherz, Rehovot (IL)
Question and answers