New challenges in urogenital infections and andrological urology

Joint meeting of the EAU Section of Andrological Urology (ESAU) and the EAU Section of Infections in Urology (ESIU)

  • Location:
    Room Stockholm, North Hall (Level 1)
  • Chairs:
     N. Sofikitis, Ioannina (GR)
     F.M.E. Wagenlehner, Giessen (DE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Infections have acute and chronic sequelae. In the acute phase, antibiotic resistance is one of the major problems in patient care. The spectrum ranges from benign localised infections to life-threatening sepsis with organ dysfunction.
    In chronic infections there is a significant overlap between infections and andrological diseases, which will be addressed in this ESAU/ESIU joint meeting. In addition, selected andrological urology topics concerning the fields of erectile dysfunction and male infertility, will be discussed. Furthermore, recent news from andrology and EAU guidelines updates from urogenital infections will be presented.

Welcome and introduction
 N. Sofikitis, Ioannina (GR)
 F.M.E. Wagenlehner, Giessen (DE)
An ESAU-EAA lecture
 N. Sofikitis, Ioannina (GR)
 F.M.E. Wagenlehner, Giessen (DE)
Male accessory genital gland infections and infertility
 W. Aulitzky, Vienna (AT)
Urogenital infections: Pathogenesis and mechanisms responsible for andrological consequences
 T.E. Bjerklund Johansen, Stavern (NO)
 G.R. Dohle, Rotterdam (NL)
Epididym-orchitis and obstruction (functional and anatomical)
 A. Pilatz, Gießen (DE)
Seminal pathway obstruction: Parameters influencing the urologist’s decision for reconstructive surgery or Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
 T. Diemer, Giessen (DE)
The role of microorganisms in urogenital pain syndromes
 V. Smelov, Lyon (FR)
Connective links between LUTS and erectile dysfunction: Biological factors and epidemiological observations
 C. Bettocchi, Bari (IT)
Male infertility and sexual dysfunction
 R. Bartoletti, Pisa (IT)
To be confirmed
The immunological basis of Peyronie’s disease
 D.J. Ralph, London (GB)
Is there a cause-effect mechanism between varicocele and male infertility?
 F. Fusco, Napoli (IT)
Sexual dysfunction in male cancer survivors: The role of surgical treatment
 A. Kadioglu, Istanbul (TR)
Urosepsis and its consequences
 T. Perepanova, Moscow (RU)
 A. Salonia, Milan (IT)
Epidemiology of urosepsis
 Z. Tandoğdu, Newcastle Upon Tyne (GB)
Definition and pathophysiology of sepsis/urosepsis
 S.E. Geerlings, Amsterdam (NL)
Current management of urosepsis
 F. Bruyere, Tours (FR)
Recent news from andrology (snapshots)
 S.S. Minhas, London (GB)
 P. Tenke, Budapest (HU)
 P. Verze, Naples (IT)
Erectile dysfunction and penile surgery
 Z. Kopa, Budapest (HU)
EAU Guidelines update from urogenital infections (snapshots)
 G. Bonkat, Basel (CH)
 M. Dinkelman-Smit, Breda (NL)
Current management of urethritis
 B. Köves, Budapest (HU)
Antibiotic prophylaxis in prostate biopsy
 T. Cai, Trento (IT)
Closing remarks
 N. Sofikitis, Ioannina (GR)
 F.M.E. Wagenlehner, Giessen (DE)