Nerve-sparing cystectomy and orthotopic bladder substitution - Surgical tricks and management of complications

ESU Course 34

  • Location:
    Room 17, Capital suite (level 3)
  • Chair:
     A. Stenzl, Tübingen (DE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This course has over many years dealt with the technique of urethra- and nerve-sparing cystectomy and subsequent orthotopic bladder substitution in male and female patients. It will deal with indications, technique, possible complications and their prevention. Urologists with a vast experience in cystectomy and urinary diversion will present technical tips using videoclips, results in the literature as well as own data.
    • Technique of nerve-sparing cystectomy
    • Optimization of sphincter preservation for optimal continence results
    • Technical tips and tricks in orthotropic neobladder surgery
    • What to observe in male and female patients

Preoperative investigations and selection of patients for orthotopic bladder substitution
 J.E. Gschwend, München (DE)
Arguments for nerve-sparing cystectomy with orthotopic bladder substitution
 A. Stenzl, Tuebingen (DE)
How to do a nerve-sparing cystectomy in male patients
 H. Abol-Enein, Mansoura (EG)
Surgical tricks to avoid complications with orthotopic bladder substitution
 J.E. Gschwend, München (DE)
Video on how to obtain good functional results in female patients
 A. Stenzl, Tuebingen (DE)
Tips and Tricks: Male/female orthotopic urinary diversion
 H. Abol-Enein, Mansoura (EG)
How to treat complications during follow-up
 J.E. Gschwend, München (DE)