Laparoscopy for beginners

ESU Course 23

  • Location:
    Room 12, Capital suite (level 3)
  • Chair:
     X. Cathelineau, Paris (FR)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    With the large widespread of mini-invasive surgery, improving knowledge of practical aspects of laparoscopy is mandatory.
    Knowledge of:
    – Indications and contra-indications of laparoscopic approach
    – How to choose and use the instrumentation, in order to optimize the procedure and minimize adverse effects
    – Air insufflations parameters and optimal access in laparoscopic urology
    – How to prevent, recognize and manage complications
    This course aims to provide all this knowledge in an interactive and practical way (video clip, open discussion), in order to assist beginners in laparoscopy shortening their learning curve and optimizing the success of their laparoscopic procedures.

    • Laparoscopic surgery: For which patients and which procedures?
    • Masterize the armentarium
    • Tips and tricks to optimize the procedure
    • New potential and future evolutions

Indications for laparoscopy
 B.S.E.P. Van Cleynenbreugel, Wolfsdonk (BE)
Instrumentation and haemostatis
 X. Cathelineau, Paris (FR)
Peritoneal access and effects of pneumoperitoneum
 B.S.E.P. Van Cleynenbreugel, Wolfsdonk (BE)
Avoiding complications
 X. Cathelineau, Paris (FR)