Joint Meeting of the European Association of Urology (EAU) and the Caucasus/Central Asian countries

Urology beyond Europe

  • Location:
    Room 11, Capital suite (level 3)
  • Chairs:
     V.G. Mirone, Naples (IT)
Welcome and introduction by chairs
 A. Chkhotua, Tbilisi (GE)
The diagnostic workup of frequent stone formers
 K. Sarica, Istanbul (TR)
Sandwich technique
 T. Knoll, Sindelfingen (DE)
Complications of endoscopic procedures on urolithiasis
 B. Ayubov, Tashkent (UZ)
 F. Akilov, Tashkent (UZ)
 S. Giyasov, Tashkent (UZ)
Percutaneous nephroscopic surgery: Using tranexamic acid to prevent intraoperative bleeding
 Y. Iskakov, Astana (KZ)
 G. Khairli, Astana (KZ)
 T. Muratov, Astana (KZ)
Prostate cancer
 F. Akilov, Tashkent (UZ)
Modern trends in surgical treatment of prostate cancer: The progressive shift from open to lap to robot
 P. Verze, Naples (IT)
The outcome of nerve-sparing robotic radical prostatectomy with full pelvic anatomy preservation
 A.M. Grabsky, Yerevan (AM)
 M. Mosoyan, St. Petersburg (RU)
Urethral strictures
 S.M. Javad-Zada, Baku (AZ)
Workup of urethral stricture patients

To be confirmed

 Z. Tchanturaia, Tbilisi (GE)
Surgical treatment of urethral strictures
 E. Palminteri, Arezzo (IT)
Closing remarks