How to write results and discussion

ESU Course 13

  • Location:
    Room 17, Capital suite (level 3)
  • Chair:
     J.W.F. Catto, Sheffield (GB)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    To understand how to write the Results and Discussion sections of a scientific paper. To understand how to present your data to its best potential. To work through examples of good and bad practice. To to understand key points when writing. To get insight from editors about what they expect to see and what they look for.

    – To understand what makes good Results section and how best to present your data.
    – To understand what makes a good Discussion
    – To learn from experienced editors.

 J.W.F. Catto, Sheffield (GB)
How to write the results chapter
 S. Boorjian, Rochester (US)
Choosing and presenting your statistical analyses
 M. Assel
Group working I
Present findings to audience
Examples of good and bad results
Writing the discussion section
 J-N.L. Cornu, Rouen (FR)
Suggestions for own papers
Examples of graphs – which are appropriate and best
What the editor looks when reviewing the results and discussion
 S. Boorjian, Rochester (US)
Group working II
Examples of good and bad discussions
How to interpret the literature
Suggestions for own papers
What next?
Questions and answers