How to get the most out of prostate cancer imaging

Meeting of the EAU Section of Urological Imaging (ESUI) in cooperation with the EAU Section of Urological Research (ESUR) and the European Society of Nuclear Medicine (EANM)

  • Location:
    Room London, North Hall (Level 1)
  • Chair:
     J. Walz, Marseille (FR)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    The 2017 meeting of the ESUI addresses the hottest topic in urological imaging, that of prostate cancer imaging. The aim of the session is to provide an extensive and critical overview on the evolutions and developments in the different imaging tools available, such as multiparametric MRI and ultrasound-based imaging techniques. Important and essential issues such as standardisation and quality control as well as practical problems will be addressed. Moreover, current controversies will be explored and debated in point and counterpoint sessions followed by interactive discussions. Detailed knowledge of the performance and limitations of new imaging technologies seems mandatory when using them effectively and beneficially in clinical practice. At the end, the EAU prostate cancer guidelines will give their point of view on how imaging can be integrated into clinical practice without over stressing limited resources.
    During the session, the prize giving ceremony for the 2017 ESUI vision award will be held, followed by the presentation of the awarded study. The aim of the ESUI Vision Award is to highlight the most innovative imaging study published during the last year in urology.

 J. Walz, Marseille (FR)
Prostate cancer detection
 B.M. Carey, Leeds (GB)
 B.A. Hadaschik, Essen (DE)
 T. Loch, Flensburg (DE)
Controversies in prostate cancer detection - Multiparametric MRI is a must
 J.J. Futterer, Nijmegen (NL)
Controversies in prostate cancer detection - Biparametric MRI is enough
 P.A. Pinto, Bethesda (US)
Alternatives to MRI: Where are we with ultrasound based imaging?
 G. Salomon, Hamburg (DE)
Lessons learned from mammography: The way to certification
 F. Gilbert, Cambridge (GB)
To fuse or not to fuse: Is software fusion mandatory?
 C. Kastner, Cambridge (GB)
Multiparametric ultrasound: Reality or fiction?
 H. Wijkstra, Amsterdam (NL)
PI-RADS 3 lesion: Biopsy or not?
 V. Scattoni, Milano (IT)
Staging of prostate cancer
 L. Budäus, Hamburg (DE)
 T. Maurer, Munich (DE)
 R. Schiavina, Bologna (IT)
Controversies: What helps more to characterise the disease? - Imaging
 T. Maurer, Munich (DE)
Controversies: What helps more to characterise the disease? - Biomarkers and gen profiling
 G. Jenster, Rotterdam (NL)
How to define 'significant' disease on targeted biopsy
 H.U. Ahmed, London (GB)
PSMA at initial staging
 J. Bomanji, London (GB)
EANM lecture: Is choline PET outdated?
 S. Fanti, Bologna (IT)
ESUI Vision Award 2017
A Prospective Comparative Study of Color Doppler Ultrasound with Twinkling and Noncontrast Computerized Tomography for the Evaluation of Acute Renal Colic
 B. Ali-El-Dein, Mansoura (EG)
Active surveillance and curative treatment: Get the most out of imaging
 M. Ritter, Mannheim (DE)
 A. Villers, Lille (FR)
 J. Walz, Marseille (FR)
Controversies - Focal therapy and the concept of the index lesion: Sense
 J.J.M.C.H. De La Rosette, Amsterdam (NL)
Controversies - Focal therapy and the concept of the index lesion: Nonsense
 A. Briganti, Milan (IT)
When and how to include MRI into active surveillance protocols?
 C.H. Bangma, Rotterdam (NL)
Does imaging improve safety and efficacy of primary and salvage radiotherapy?
 P. Ost, Ghent (BE)
Does imaging improve surgery?
 M. Graefen, Hamburg (DE)
The EAU Guidelines Office point of view: How to get the most out of limited resources in prostate cancer imaging?
 N. Mottet, Saint-Étienne (FR)
 J. Walz, Marseille (FR)