Hot topics in andrology

Plenary Session 02

  • Location:
    Room Copenhagen, North Hall (Level 1)
  • Chairs:
     F. Montorsi, Milan (IT)
     H. Van Poppel, Leuven (BE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    The aim of this session is to give the urologist insight into gold standards, controversies, and future developments within andrology. This plenary session will include state-of-the art lectures from key opinion leaders in the field of andrology and will focus on the management of patients with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, male infertility, and hypogonadism.

  • During the plenary sessions, French and Spanish translation will be provided. Please collect your headset in the session room prior to the start of the session and return it after the session. Meet the speakers of the plenary session: Delegates are able to meet the speakers of the plenary session immediately at the end of the session in the foyer of the Room Copenhagen (North Hall, Level 1). Do not miss this opportunity to meet and greet the speakers and to consult them for any questions you may have.
State-of-the-art lecture Testosterone therapy in men with prostate cancer
 P.B. Ostergren, Copenhagen (DK)
State-of-the-art lecture Scrotal pain: The optimal treatment algorithm
 Y. Reisman, Amstelveen (NL)
State-of-the-art lecture Penile implants in Peyronie's disease and priapism: When and how?
 D.J. Ralph, London (GB)
State-of-the-art lecture From impaired testicular development to poor male reproductive function
 U.N. Joensen, Copenhagen (DK)
State-of-the-art lecture Is every man fertile?
 M. Shabbir, London (GB)
State-of-the-art lecture Male contraception: Where are we going?
 F. Fusco, Napoli (IT)