Evolving trends in prostate cancer surgery

Video Session 05

  • Location:
    Room Paris, North Hall (Level 1)
  • Chairs:
     W.L.M. Everaerts, Kessel-Lo (BE)
     R. Gaston, Bordeaux (FR)
     F. Gómez Veiga, Salamanca (ES)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    In this video session the evolving trends in surgery for prostate cancer will be discussed. The objectives are to demonstrate the advances of minimally invasive surgery in the functional and oncological outcomes of prostate cancer surgery.

  • All presentations have a maximum length of 8 minutes, followed by 4 minutes of discussion.
Anatomical extended pelvic lymph node dissection

By: Branger N.1, Mortier P.1, Koskas Y.1, Thomassin-Piana J.2, Salem N.3, Gravis G.4, Pignot G.1, Walz J.1

Institutes: 1Institut Paoli Calmettes, Dept. of Urology, Marseille, France, 2Institut Paoli Calmettes, Dept. of Pathology, Marseille, France, 3Institut Paoli Calmettes, Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Marseille, France, 4Institut Paoli Calmettes, Dept. of Oncology, Marseille, France

P.L.E.A.T.-preventing lymphocele ensuring absorption transperitoneally: A novel technique

By: Dal Moro F., Zattoni F.

Institutes: University of Padua, Dept. of Surgery, Oncology and Gastroenterology – Urology, Padua, Italy

Retzius-sparing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy is safe for patients with prior transurethral prostate surgery

By: Kim L.H., Santok G.D., Abdel Raheem A., Chang K., Lum T., Rha K.H.

Institutes: Yonsei University College Of Medicine, Dept. of Urology, Seoul, South Korea

The role of bed assistant during robot assisted radical prostatectomy: The effect of learning curve on peri-operative variables

By: Albo G., Rocco B., De Lorenzis E., Gallioli A., Boeri L., Palmisano F., Montanari E.

Institutes: Irccs Cà Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Dept. of Urology, Milan, Italy

Single-port laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

By: Vattovani V.1, Luciani L.2, Chiodini S.2, Puglisi M.2, Mattevi D.3, Tamanini I.3, Malossini G.2

Institutes: 1Santa Chiara Hospital, Trento, Italy, Trento, Italy, 2Santa Chiara Hospital, Trento, Italy, Dept. of Urology, Trento, Italy, 3Verona University, Dept. of Urology, Verona, Italy

Single-port robotic assisted radical prostatectomy is feasible and safe

By: Gaboardi F., Grillo M., Pini G., Smelzo S., Passaretti G., Rosso M., Kinzikeeva E., Saitta G., Suardi N.

Institutes: San Raffaele Turro Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Milan, Italy

Combining antegrade and retrograde dissection during salvage robotic radical prostatectomy

By: Ferriero M., Simone G., Mastroianni R., Tuderti G., Misuraca L., Minisola F., Guaglianone S., Gallucci M.

Institutes: Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, Dept. of Urology, Rome, Italy

Radical prostatectomy after vascular targeted photodynamic therapy Tookad® Soluble: Feasability, short and long term results

By: Pierrard V.1, Lebdai S.2, Terrier J.E.3, Azzouzi A-R.2, Kleinclauss F.4, Joniau S.5, Van Der Poel H.6, Salomon G.7, Casanova J.8, Medina R.9, Potiron E.10, Rigaud J.11, Barret E.12, Gaillac B.13, Ruffion A.3

Institutes: 1Hospital Center Lyon Sud, Dept. of Urology, Lyon, France, 2Hospital Center, Dept. of Urology, Angers, France, 3Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud, Dept. of Urology, Lyon, France, 4Hospital Center, Dept. of Urology, Besançon, France, 5Hospital Center, Dept. of Urology, Leuven, Belgium, 6Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 7Spire Portsmouth Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Hamburg, Germany, 8Hospital Center, Dept. of Urology, Valencia, Spain, 9Hospital Center, Dept. of Urology, Sevilla, Spain, 10Clinique Atlantis, Dept. of Urology, Nantes, France, 11Centre Hospitalier, Dept. of Urology, Nantes, France, 12Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, Dept. of Urology, Paris, France, 13Institut STEBA, Dept. of Urology, Paris, France