ESU/ESUT Hands-on Training Course in Intermediate laparoscopy


  • Location:
    Room South America, Exhibition Hall (Level 1)
  • Chair:
     D. Veneziano, Reggio Calabria (RC) (IT)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    • You will improve your laparoscopic skills such as advanced suturing and emergency vessel repair.

    Course description:
    This course is dedicated to intermediate laparoscopic skills, with main focus on suturing techniques. Intermediate skills have been selected with an experts’ survey, between the most important tasks to achieve before approaching full laparoscopic procedures. Experienced laparoscopic-tutors selected by ESU and ESUT will guide you to master special knot-tying techniques, lparoscopic anastomoses and even a Major Vessel Injury repair. Tips and tricks can be answered and discussed with all tutors during the session. The intermediate laparoscopic training sessions require a full mastery of basic skills: for this reason, E-BLUS certification is required for subscription.

    Target audience: Urologist with an E-BLUS certificate that want to learn more about laparoscopy

 P. Macek, Prague (CZ)
 B. Petrut, Cluj Napoca (RO)
 G. Pini, Milano (IT)
 B.S.E.P. Van Cleynenbreugel, Leuven (BE)
 A. Skolarikos, Athens (GR)