Critical review of robotic surgery in uro-oncology

Meeting of the EAU Section of Oncological Urology (ESOU) in cooperation with the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) and with the ESSO, ESTRO, EUOG, EORTC GUCG and SUO

  • Location:
    Room Madrid, North Hall (Level 1)
  • Chairs:
     M. Brausi, Modena (IT)
     C-H. Rochat, Geneva (CH)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This year ESOU and ERUS have decided to organize a joint meeting during the Annual EAU Congress. The main goals are to discuss in a very objective way the actuarial role of robotic surgery compared to standard approaches. The meeting will be characterised by debates between two experienced and well-known surgeons who will describe the surgical techniques that underlie the pros and contras of each technique. The topics that will be discussed are prostate cancer, radical prostatectomy, bladder cancer, radical cystectomy, renal cancer and partial nephrectomy. Outcomes, patients’ quality of life and costs of each procedure will be elucidated and discussed. The interaction with the audience will be prioritised. A final summary will conclude the session.

The European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO)
Lymphadenectomy in uro-oncological pelvic surgery
 F. Lista Mateos, Madrid (ES)
The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Genito-Urinary Cancer Group (EORTC GUCG)
The role of surgery in metastatic renal cancer
 A. Bex, Amsterdam (NL)
The European SocieTy for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO)
Bladder sparing procedures for muscle invasive bladder cancer: A real advancement?
 A. Kiltie, Oxford (GB)
The European Uro-Oncology Group (EUOG)
Circulating tumour cells in prostate cancer: A marker?
 S. Osanto, Leiden (NL)
Patrick Walsh Lecture: What's new at Hopkins - AS, PSMA scans, AR-V7
 P. Walsh, Baltimore (US)
Society for Urologic Oncology (SUO)
The argument for surgical management of high risk prostate cancer
 C.P. Evans, Sacramento (US)
Critical review of robotic surgery in URO-Oncology: ESOU-ERUS perspectives
Debate on prostate cancer surgery: Radical prostatectomy should be performed with robot
 H.G. Van Der Poel, Amsterdam (NL)
 S. Joniau, Leuven (BE)
Debate on bladder cancer surgery: Open radical cystectomy is still the way
 M. Brausi, Modena (IT)
 N.P. Wiklund, Stockholm (SE)
Debate on kidney cancer: Partial nephrectomy/tumour enucleation is better done by robot
 A. Larcher, Milan (IT)
 H. Van Poppel, Leuven (BE)
Quality of life after robotic, lap and open surgery: Real different?
 M. Graefen, Hamburg (DE)
Closing remarks