Clinical aspects of infections in urology

Poster Session 10

  • Location:
    Room Milan, North Hall (Level 1)
  • Chairs:
     F. Bruyere, Tours (FR)
     T. Cai, Trento (IT)
     F.M.E. Wagenlehner, Giessen (DE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Presentation of clinial infectious aspects in urology patients

  • Poster viewing of 20 minutes. Presentations will take place on stage. Standard presentations are 2 minutes in length, followed by 2 minutes for discussion.
Guidelines for the treatment of urinary tract infections
 F.M.E. Wagenlehner, Giessen (DE)
Risk factors in urosepsis associated with time to recovery: A prospective multinational observational study

By: Tandoğdu Z.1, Koves B.2, Cai T.3, Platz A.4, Bjerklund Johansen T.E.5, Wagenlehner F.6

Institutes: 1Oslo University, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Oslo, Norway, 2South Pest Teaching Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Budapest, Hungary, 3Santa Chiara Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Trento, Italy, 4Universitätsklinikum Gießen und Marburg GmbH, Dept. of Children Urology and Andrology, Giessen, Germany, 5Oslo University, Dept. of Urology, Oslo, Norway, 6Universitätsklinikum Gießen und Marburg GmbH – Standort Gießen, Dept. of Children Urology and Andrology, Giessen, Germany

Cirpofloxacin infusion versus 3rd generation cephalosporin as a surgical prophylaxis for percutaneous nephrolithotomy: Randomized study

By: Omar M.K.M., El Sheirf E., El Shazly M., Sultan S.

Institutes: Menoufia University, Dept. of Urology, Shibin El Kom, Egypt

Targeted antibiotic prophylaxis can prevent febrile urinary tract infection after removal of ureteral stents in radical cystectomy patients with intestinal urinary diversion

By: Nasu Y.1, Murata T.1, Sugimoto M.2, Takamoto A.2, Ono N.3

Institutes: 1Okayama Rosai Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Okayama, Japan, 2Okayama University Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Okayama, Japan, 3Kochi Health Sciences Center, Dept. of Urology, Kochi, Japan

Efficacy and safety of different dosages of phosphomycin as antimicrobial prophylaxis in transrectal biopsy of the prostate: A pilot study

By: D’Elia C.1, Emanuela T.1, Ladurner C.1, Saleh O.2, Cai T.3, Palermo S.1, Tischler T.1, Spoladore G.4, Mian P.4, Pycha A.1

Institutes: 1Bolzano General Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Bolzano, Italy, 2University of Florence, Dept. of Urology, Florence, Italy, 3Santa Chiara Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Trento, Italy, 4Bolzano General Hospital, Dept. of Infectious Diseases, Bolzano, Italy

Rectal culture-guided targeted antimicrobial prophylaxis significantly reduces the incidence of post-operative infectious complications in men at high risk for infections submitted to transrectal ultrasound prostate biopsy – results of a cross-sectional study

By: Boeri L.1, Fontana M.1, Gallioli A.1, Zanetti S.P.1, Catellani M.2, De Lorenzis E.1, Palmisano F.1, Longo F.1, Montanari E.1

Institutes: 1Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda – Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Dept. of Urology, Milan, Italy, 2Istituto Europeo Di Oncologia, Dept. of Urology, Milan, Italy

Transurethral resection of the prostate: Are we following the guidelines? Outcomes from the Global Prevalence of Infections in Urology (GPIU) side study 2006-2009

By: Köves B.1, Tandogdu Z.2, Cai T.3, Bogenhard F.4, Tenke P.1, Wullt B.5, Naber K.6, Bartoletti R.7, Cek M.8, Kulchavenya E.9, Perepanova T.10, Pilatz A.11, Bjerklund Johansen T-E.12, Wagenlehner F.11

Institutes: 1Jahn Ferenc South Pest Teaching Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Budapest, Hungary, 2Newcastle University, Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, 3Santa Chiara Regional Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Trento, Italy, 4Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, Dept. of Bioinformatics, Giessen, Germany, 5Lund University, Dept. of Microbiology, Immunology and Glycobiology, Lund, Sweden, 6Technical University of Munich, Dept. of Urology, Munich, Germany, 7University of Florence, Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Florence, Italy, 8Trakya Medical School, Dept. of Urology, Edirne, Turkey, 9TB Research Institute, Novosibirsk, Russia, 10S.R. Urology Institute, Moscow, Russia, 11Justus-Liebig-University, Dept. of Urology, Paediatric Urology and Andrology, Giessen, Germany, 12Oslo University, Dept. of Urology, Oslo, Norway

Therapeutic effect of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase inhibitor in epididymitis

By: Ohira S.1, Hara R.1, Tone S.2, Kin S.1, Shimizu S.1, Fukumoto K.1, Fujii T.1, Miyaji Y.1, Nagai A.1

Institutes: 1Kawasaki Medical School, Dept. of Urology, Kurashiki City, Japan, 2Graduate School of Tokyo Denki University, Dept. of Life Science and Engineering, Hatoyama-Cho, Japan

Canephron N reduced immune cell recruitment in experimental cystitis

By: Nausch B.1, Röhrl J.1, Koeberle A.2, Harler U.3, Joannidis M.3, Werz O.2, Künstle G.1

Institutes: 1Bionorica SE, Preclinical R&D, Neumarkt, Germany, 2Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Institute of Pharmacy, Jena, Germany, 3Medical University of Innsbruck, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine Department, Innsbruck, Austria

Alternative therapy for acute uncomplicated cystitis

By: Kulchavenya E., Shevchenko S., Brizhatyuk E.

Institutes: Novosibirsk Research TB Institute, Dept. of Urogenital, Novosibirsk, Russia

First experience in the United Kingdom with the novel sublingual vaccine Uromune® in the treatment of women with recurrent urinary tract infections

By: Yang B.1, Foley S.2

Institutes: 1Royal Berkshire Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Reading, United Kingdom, 2Royal Berkshire Hospital Reading UK, Dept. of Urology, Reading, United Kingdom

The reduction of Escherichia coli resistance against ciprofloxacin is a microbiological parameter for asymptomatic bacteriuria predicting: Results from a cross-sectional study

By: Cai T.1, Mazzoli S.2, Meacci F.2, Tiscione D.1, Malossini G.1, Bartoletti R.3

Institutes: 1Santa Chiara Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Trento, Italy, 2Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital, Sexually Transmitted Disease Centre, Florence, Italy, 3University of Pisa, Dept. of Urology, Pisa, Italy

Efficacy of antibiotic prophilaxis and cleaning/disinfection devices in flexible cystoscopy to prevent positive urinary culture after procedure

By: Martinez Rodriguez R.H.1, Felip E.2, Arzoz Fabregas M.1, Juventeny N.2, Ibarz Servio L.1

Institutes: 1Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, Dept. of Urology, Badalona, Spain, 2Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, Dept. of Urology Nurse, Badalona, Spain

A retrospective study of immunotherapy treatment with Uro-Vaxom® (OM-89) for prophylaxis of recurrent urinary tract infections

By: Brodie A., Jour I., Charlotte F., Hanbury D.

Institutes: Lister Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Stevenage, United Kingdom

Adhesive siliconmicropillar arrays for bacteria capture: A method for rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing

By: Leonard H.2, Halachmi S.1, Ofer N.1, Ben Dov N.2, Segal E.2

Institutes: 1Bnai-Zion Medical Center, Dept. of Urology, Haifa, Israel, 2Technion Israeli Institute of Technology, Dept. of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Haifa, Israel