Awards and prostate cancer-targeted diagnosis and treatment

Video Session 06

  • Location:
    eURO Auditorium (Level 0)
  • Chairs:
     M. Emberton, London (GB)
     A. Messas, Paris (FR)
     C. Stief, Munich (DE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This session will be devided into two parts.
    During the first part, we will see several communications concerning fusion biopsies, through different methods.
    Then, we will go further with videos concerning focal treatment of prostate cancer.
    In the Second part will show the videos and reward the authors for the 3 best videos presented during the congress. Don’t miss these amazing video communications that will be exclusively presented during this award session.

  • All presentations have a maximum length of 8 minutes, followed by 4 minutes of discussion.
MRI/US fusion transperineal prostate biopsies under local anesthesia

By: Bianco F.1, Debruyne F.2, Martinez-Ballesteros C.3, Lozano-Kaplun S.1, Cedeno J.3, Kaufman A.1, Carballido J.3, Scher J.1, Martinez-Salamanca J.3

Institutes: 1Urological Research Network, Dept. of Urology, Miami, United States of America, 2Andros Institute, Dept. of Urology, Arnhem, The Netherlands, 3Universidad Autonoma Madrid, Dept. of Urology, Madrid, Spain

Robotic MRI/US fusion transperineal biopsy using the iSR’obot Mona Lisa: Technique, safety and accuracy

By: Patel A.1, Servian P.1, Winkler M.1, Tiong L.C.2, Yuen J.3, Ho H.3, Chen K.3, Kruck S.4, Grummet J.5

Institutes: 1Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, Dept. of Urology, London, United Kingdom, 2Ziocom Group, , Singapore, Singapore, 3Singapore General Hosital, Dept. of Urology, Singapore, Singapore, 4University Hospital Tübingen, Dept. of Urology, Tübingen, Germany, 5Monash University, Dept. of Urology, Melbourne, Australia

Single setting 3D MRI-US guided frozen section and focal cryoablation of the index lesion: Proof of principle and initial series

By: Lugnani F.1, Misuraca L.1, Ferriero M.1, Panebianco V.2, Del Monte M.2, Sentinelli S.3, Gallucci M.1, Simone G.1

Institutes: 1Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, Dept. of Urology, Rome, Italy, 2Sapienza University of Rome, Dept. of Radiology, Rome, Italy, 3Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, Dept. of Pathology, Rome, Italy

Focal therapy with HIFU FocalOne device with MRI target fusion biopsy by KOELIS

By: Potiron E., Nevoux P., Rousseau T., Le Goguic G., Lacoste J.

Institutes: Clinique Urologique Nantes Atlantis, Nantes, France

Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging in fusion with transrectal ultrasound fusion biopsy with the BioJet™ System for the detection of clinically significant prostate cancer. Technical details and initial results

By: Russo A.1, Kinzikeeva E.1, Maga T.1, Losa A.1, Pini G.1, Cardone G.2, Salonia A.3, Montorsi F.3, Briganti A.3, Suardi N.1, Gaboardi F.1

Institutes: 1Ospedale San Raffaele Turro, Dept. of Urology, Milan, Italy, 2Ospedale San Raffaele Turro, Dept. of Radiology, Milan, Italy, 3Urological Research Institute, IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Division of Oncology, Unit of Urology, Milan, Italy

MRI/US fusion office-based targeted cryoablation with local anesthesia

By: Bianco F., Lozano-Kaplun S., Cedeno J., Barashi N., Scher J., Kaufman A., Lopez A., Nicholson M.

Institutes: Urological Research Network, Dept. of Urology, Miami Lakes, United States of America

Application of chitosan membranes on the neurovascular bundles after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: Preliminary results of a phase II study

By: Porpiglia F.1, Bertolo R.1, Checcucci E.1, Manfredi M.1, De Cillis S.1, Aimar R.1, Geuna S.2, Fiori C.1

Institutes: 1San Luigi Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Turin, Italy, 2San Luigi Hospital, Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi, Turin, Italy

Robot assisted radical nephrectomy and inferior vena cava thrombectomy: Surgical technique, perioperative and oncologic outcomes

By: Simone G.1, Misuraca L.1, Hatcher D.2, Ferriero M.1, Minisola F.1, Tuderti G.1, Guaglianone S.1, De Castro Abreu A.L.2, Aron M.2, Desai M.2, Gill I.S.2, Gallucci M.1

Institutes: 1Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, Dept. of Urology, Rome, Italy, 2Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, Dept. of Urology, Los Angeles, United States of America

Trimodal (18) F-choline-PET/mpMRI/TRUS targeted prostate biopsies: First clinical experience

By: Bonnal J-L.1, Marien A.1, Rock A.1, El Maadarani K.1, Francois C.1, Delebarre A.2, Berssard D.2, Mauroy B.1, Gosset P.3, Blaire T.4

Institutes: 1Hopital Saint Philibert, Dept. of Urology, Lomme, France, 2Hopital Saint Philibert, Dept. of Radiology, Lomme, France, 3Hopital Saint Vincent, Dept. of Pathology, Lille, France, 4Hopital Saint Philibert, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Lomme, France