Advancements in genito-urinary reconstruction

Meeting of the EAU Section of Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons (ESGURS)

  • Location:
    Room Munich, North Hall (Level 1)
  • Chair:
     R. Djinovic, Belgrade (RS)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Uro-Genital Reconstructive Surgery is still evolving through the world and did not achieve standard approach in treatment. During our Section Meeting we will try to present newest advancement by the top experts and to cover all fields of reconstructive urology – upper and lower tract, urethral, genital surgery, sex reassignment, incontinence, penile implant, but also to share experience in latest breakthrough – penile transplant. We hope that the program we made will be equally interesting to both beginners to learn basic techniques and experts to broaden their knowledge.

Welcome and introduction
 R. Djinovic, Belgrade (RS)
Uro-genital congenital anomalies: Tips and tricks
 E. Kocjancic, Chicago (US)
 I. Moncada, Madrid (ES)
Crippled penis post hypospadias: What can we do?
 D.E. Andrich, Kingston upon Thames (GB)
Epispadais-extrophy complex in males: Genital and urinary tract reconstruction
 R. Djinovic, Belgrade (RS)
Vaginal prolapse and pregnancy in extrophy patients
 D.N. Wood, London (GB)
Anterior urethra reconstruction
 L. Martínez Piñeiro, Madrid (ES)
 O. Shenfeld, Jerusalem (IL)
BXO (Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans): Treatment of urethral stricture and external genitalia
 E. Palminteri, Arezzo (IT)
Two-stage buccal mucosa urethroplasty: Reliable solution for pendular urethra strictures
 A. Zhivov, Moscow (RU)
Urethral diverticula/fistula
 M. Fisch, Hamburg (DE)
Bulbar urethroplasty: Where are we in 2017?
 L. Martínez Piñeiro, Madrid (ES)
Posterior urethra reconstruction
 D.E. Andrich, Kingston upon Thames (GB)
 R. Dahlem, Hamburg (DE)
Post TURP membranous urethra stricture: Sphincter-preserving technique
 R. Gomez, Santiago (CL)
Delayed urethroplasty after failed realignment in the treatment of pelvic fracture related injuries: Easier or not?
 N. Lumen, Gent (BE)
New generation urethral and ureteral stents: The best solution for the worst scenarios?
 O.R. Sedigh, Torino (IT)
Recto-urethral fistula after radiotherapy for prostate cancer
 L. Gómez Pérez, San Juan De Alicante (ES)
Penile transplant: Genito-urinary trauma/Penile cancer
 R. Djinovic, Belgrade (RS)
 I. Moncada, Madrid (ES)
 D.J. Ralph, London (GB)
 L. Schechter, Morton Grove, IL (US)
Penile transplant: Evolution of vascularised composite
 B. Bojovic, Boston (US)
Battlefield injuries: Reconstructing of the blast injured perineum
 P. Anderson, Dorridge (GB)
Pelvic fracture with bladder neck/posterior urethra injuries
 A.R. Mundy, London (GB)
Upper tract reconstruction
 S. Deger, Ostfildern (DE)
 M. Gallucci, Rome (IT)
Intra-corporeal urinary diversions: Technique, outcomes and robotic management of late complications
 G. Simone, Rome (IT)
Robotic/laparoscopic ureteral reimplantation versus open ureteral reimplantation
 M.S. Silay, Istanbul (TR)
Continent urinary diversion for severe bladder dysfunction
 M.A.B. Fahmy, Cairo (EG)
Neobladder complications: How to solve them?
 V. Pansadoro, Rome (IT)
Transgender surgery
 N. Morel Journel, Lyon (FR)
 J. Romero Otero, Madrid (ES)
M2F surgery: How to solve problems after primary surgery
 K-D. Sievert, Salzburg (AT)
The use of ileum in case of neovaginal stenosis: Functional outcome
 N. Pavan, Sacile (IT)
F2M – Radial forearm flap total phalloplasty: Plastic surgeon’s point of view
 L. Schechter, Morton Grove, IL (US)
Management of neo-urethral complications after total phalloplasty
 E. Kocjancic, Chicago (US)
Penile implant surgery
 F. Colombo, Milan (IT)
 A. Faix, Montpellier (FR)
Real penile enlargement with penile implant
 S. Sansalone, Rome (IT)
Glans necrosis post penile prosthesis: What to do?
 A. Shamsodini Takhtei, Doha (QA)
Prosthesis infection: Remove it or not?
 R. Olianas, Voegelsen (DE)
 M.S. Aragona, Lüneburg (DE)
Penile implant: Reservoir problems
 G. Garaffa, London (GB)
Penile implant in unusual cases: How to place it properly
 J. Romero Otero, Madrid (ES)
Peyronies surgery: Tips and tricks
 C. Bettocchi, Bari (IT)
 A. Zucchi, Perugia (IT)
Grafting in peyronies: Why does it fail so often?
 D.J. Ralph, London (GB)
Peyronies treatment: Tunical expansion with implant without grafting
 P. Egydio, São Paulo (BR)
Penile implant in peyronies: Modeling versus grafting
 I. Moncada, Madrid (ES)
 J.I. Martínez Salamanca, Madrid (ES)
Incontinence surgery: Tips and tricks
 I. Moncada, Madrid (ES)
 J.N. Tomada Marques, Porto (PT)
Comparison of AUS: Advantages and disadvantages
 T.S. Pottek, Hamburg (DE)
Post-prostatectomy incontinence with bulbar/panurethral stricture with: How to treat?
 R. Dahlem, Hamburg (DE)