EAU Awards: Honouring Innovative, Pioneering Work

The EAU highlights the pioneering achievements of urologists across Europe. Each year, the EAU grants prestigious awards for the dedication and innovation in urological research and practice. This year, these awards will be given during the 32nd Annual EAU Congress in London. Awardees will be recognised in the EAU Award Gallery and the Programme Book.

EAU Best Papers Published in Urological Literature Awards
This award is to inspire young and promising urological scientists to continue their work and to communicate their achievements to the European urological community. There are two categories for this award: the Best Paper Published on Fundamental Research in the Urological Literature and the Best Paper Published on Clinical Research in the Urological Literature.

Pieter Uvin
Dr. Pieter Uvin

Fundamental Research awardee of 2016, Dr. Pieter Uvin of the University Hospitals Leuven, has submitted “Essential Role of Transient Receptor Potential M8 (TRPM8) in a Model of Acute Coldinduced Urinary Urgency”. The core aim of his paper was to develop an animal model for “acute cold induced urgency” and to test the involvement of the cold-activated ion channels TRPM8 and TRPA1.

Dr. Black
Dr. Peter Black

Clinical Research awardee of 2016, Dr. Peter Black of the University of British Columbia, has submitted “Discovery and Validation of Novel Expression Signature for Postcystectomy Recurrence in High-Risk Bladder Cancer”. The main purpose for this research was to develop a gene expression signature from radical cystectomy specimens to predict survival after surgery, with the intent of prioritising patients with likely adverse outcomes for treatment intensification.

EAU Hans Marberger Award
Annually given since 2004, this award is for the best European paper published on Minimally Invasive Surgery in Urology. The award is named after Prof. Hans Marberger to honour his pioneering contributions to endourology and to the development of urologic minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Last year’s awardee Dr. Mohan Gundeti of The University of Chicago Medicine: Comer Children’s Hospital has submitted “Robot-assisted Laparoscopic Augmentation Ileocystoplasty and
Mitrofanoff Appendicovesicostomy in Children: Updated Interim Results” where the perioperative outcomes, complications and safety of open versus robotic augmentation cystoplasty with or without catherizable channels were compared.

Dr. Mohan Gundeti
Dr. Mohan Gundeti

Dr. Gundeti’s message to future applicants: “We have to question the current surgical practice and see what changes we can adopt to reduce the morbidity for patient without compromising the outcomes and safety. This will lead into newer concepts and advance the science for the betterment of humanity.”

EAU Prostate Cancer Research Award
With the goal to encourage innovative, high-quality research in prostate cancer, the EAU has launched the EAU Prostate Cancer Research Award. An expert jury will select the best paper dealing with clinical or experimental studies in prostate cancer. The paper should also be published or accepted by a renowned international scientific journal.

Dr. Pencik
Dr. Jan Pencik

Last year’s awardee Dr. Jan Pencik of the Medical University of Vienna has submitted “STAT3 regulated ARF expression suppresses prostate cancer metastasis”. The observation is that IL-6 therapy in PCa lacks efficacy. The preliminary data prompted Dr. Pencik and his team to propose that the IL-6/STAT3 axis can act as a tumour suppressor in PCa. Therefore, the hypothesis is that in a subset of PCa IL-6/Stat3 signalling is inactivated, resulting in a more rapid tumour progression compared to PCa were IL-6/Stat3 is active.

Dr. Pencik’s message to future applicants, “It is always important to follow your own ideas even if they seem to be very controversial or non-orthodox because surprisingly, they might be true.”

EAU Crystal Matula Award
The EAU Crystal Matula Award 2017 is the most prestigious prize given to a young promising European urologist under the age of 40 who has the potential to become one of the future leaders in academic European urology. National societies can nominate a candidate, but eligible candidates can also apply for this award by contacting their national urological societies directly.

How to apply
Interested in applying or nominating someone you know? Please send an email to Ms Marian Smink. Entry requirements for all awards mentioned above can be found here.

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