EAU17: My Ideal 24 Hours (Prof. Dr. M. Selçuk Silay)

In this edition, paediatric urologist Prof. Dr. Mesrur Selçuk Silay (TR) shares his ideal day at the upcoming 32nd Annual EAU Congress (EAU17) in London.

The Associate Professor and Chair of the Paediatric Urology division of the Department of Urology at Istanbul Medeniyet University has never missed a single EAU Annual Congress since 2006. “I’ve refined the optimisation of my day at the Congress. After all, I’ve been attending them for more than a decade now,” said Silay.

EAU17 24 hours Prof. Dr. M. Selçuk Silay

Silay’s topics and lectures of interest
“The sessions that I attend are never accidental nor selected on a whim. I always plan my programme a few days before the Congress,” stated Silay.

Silay focuses on Plenary Sessions and abstract presentations related to his specialty, paediatric urology; but his interests also lie in genitourinary reconstruction. “Attending the genitourinary reconstructive surgery sessions enhances my creativity in coming up with more strategies in treating lifelong, congenital urological conditions such as hypospadias, penile reconstruction, and ureteral and upper urinary tract reconstructive surgeries.”

YAU-related activities
Silay and members of the Young Academic Urologists (YAU) will come together for a Special Session on Friday, 24 March to brainstorm and organise future plans. “I am honoured to be chairing the YAU meetings. In the last five years, we’ve achieved significant progress in terms of scientific contribution, which includes multicentre trials and guiding future key opinion leaders in urology. I feel proud that majority of our members are already working in the EAU sections, speaking at the Congress, are editors and associate editors of prestigious journals, and are panel members of the EAU Guidelines. It’s also great to see that our members are receiving recognition such as the EAU Crystal Matula award and winning challenges during the ESU Davos meetings,” said Silay.

Topics and lectures for everyone
Everyone can benefit because some topics and lectures are related to subspecialties. Mentioned below are Silay’s perspectives on:

  • Urotechnology: “Lectures on urotechnology provide urologists the latest updates which are advantageous to their clinical practice. Each year, I discover a new technological device that I can use in treating my patients.”
  • Social media or new media: “We are witnessing a new era in urology. Ten years ago, I used to read printed journals. Nowadays, I follow the journals’ Twitter accounts for the newest articles. I think that the social media courses during the EAU congress will help raise awareness on the many benefits social media brings to our professional lives.”
  • Developments in education: “These include EBU and YAU special sessions and the Residents Day. These sessions give an indication about the current level of education in Europe and show the opportunities available for young urologists.”
  • Abstract Sessions: “Attending the Abstract Sessions gives additional inspiration for future research. These sessions also provide unpublished data that can be seen online at times or made available a year after.
  • ESU courses: “I believe that every single participant can find an ESU course that would benefit him; from theory to hands-on training courses.”

Learning from the best
Silay names some of the speakers that he admires and looks forward to listen to at EAU17. “Prof. Guy Bogaert (BE) is a paediatric urologist with an immense knowledge in this field and who’s a good role model for youngsters. I like his honest and humble presentations and I enjoy their scientific context. Prof. Chris Chapple (GB) is not only the EAU Secretary General, but also a great lecturer. I like his didactic and well-planned presentations. I take his example when I prepare my own presentations. Prof. Morgan Rouprêt (FR) is a new generation expert and a very talented speaker. I like his broken but confident use of the English language and his sense of humour that is apparent in his slides. I always enjoy the strong and passionate presentations by Prof. Dr. Maria Jose Ribal (ES) which have a TED-talk-like format.”

Take-home messages
Silay expects to bring back information on the latest developments in his field, new technology to implement in his daily practice, fresh ideas for future research, and great memories with colleagues from all over the world.

Business and pleasure
The EAU Annual Congress is not only a place to further progress in one’s field, but to also connect and/or catch up with colleagues and friends and see new places. “I enjoy running on my own in the early morning. It’s exciting to run in a city I have yet to explore,” Silay disclosed. “Seeing some of my old friends and colleagues happens only a couple of times during the year. The Annual EAU Congress is the right place for that. If I have an additional day before or after the congress, I try to visit the historical places of the city, enjoy the local cuisine, and capture the city’s beauty by taking photographs,” shared Silay.